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Meet our team

Miina Billones - Manager, Member Experience
Baiba Auzāne - Manager, Member Service
Madara Balode - Member Service Supervisor
Tiiu Bradley - Member Service Supervisor
Kintija Palma-Kalvins - Senior Member Service Representative
and Privacy & Complaints Officer
Ilze Maksina - Member Service Representative
Kersti Toomik
- Member Service Representative 
Triinu Lumi -
Member Service Representative
Tuuli Saidani
 - Member Service Representative
Valdis Jevtejevs - Member Service Representative
Dārija Gulēns-Taube  - Member Service Representative (Part-Time)
Hedy Läets - Member Service Representative (Part-Time) 
Ilze Williamson
- Member Service Representative (Part-Time)
Liivi Sermat Cooke - Member Service Representative (Part-Time)
Maret Oser-Tamm - Member Service Representative (Part-Time)
James Carter - Member Service Administrator
Alexia Marten – Branch Assistant

Heili Orav - Manager, Wealth & Estate Services
Baiba Reinfelde - Member Service Supervisor & Wealth Services

Liisa Keevallik - Manager, Retail Lending
Christopher Avakian - Loan Officer
Triina Kiilaspea - Loan Officer
Louis Christidis - Loan Officer
Eliza Ludina - Loan Administrator

Scott Lister - Manager, Commercial Lending
Wil Roache - Commercial Account Manager
Rooslan Mizan - Commercial Lending Administrator

Anita Saar - President & CEO
Priit Nikker - Director, Banking Operations
Ted Sredzinksi  - CFO
Tiiu Remmel - Manager, Organizational Development
Ingrid Kütt - Corporate Administrator & CAMLO
Tiina Martjak - Accounting Administrator
Ene Timmusk - Operations Specialist (Part-Time)
Māra Leja - Member Service Advisor
Tiina Rand - Marketing Specialist (Part-Time)
Ingrid Laar - Office & Projects Coordinator
Kristjan Voksepp - Systems Support Analyst


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