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Online banking

Take care of your money, anytime, anywhere.


Our online banking is easy to use and safe and secure. Start taking care of your finances online today.

Discover some of the things you can do through online banking:

Automate transfers & payments

Easily set up recurring transfers and bill payments to help you plan ahead.

Send and receive Interac e-Transfers, plus set yourself up for Autodeposit. All our members get to send 5 free Interac e-Transfers per month.

Quickly & easily sign up for CRA direct deposit directly through online banking. Just navigate to the Account Services section.

Manage your accounts

View your balances, transfer between your accounts, rename your accounts and more.

Stay on top of your account activity by setting up alerts. Get pinged when there is a new online banking sign on, password change, and more. 


Download your direct deposit form

Navigate to your Canadian chequing account and download your personalized direct deposit/withdrawal form. 


Order cheques

Place your cheque order online. A member of our team will call you back to confirm!


Send transfers in different currencies across the globe, directly from online banking. 


Not yet registered for online banking?

Call us in-branch to sign up for online banking and start managing your money online today!


Move your automatic payments and direct deposits to your Northern Birch account quickly & easily online

​Download our mobile banking app

Do your banking from the palm of your hand with our mobile banking app, which includes a remote cheque depositing feature.