Residential Mortgage Specials

Discover the benefits of a Northern Birch mortgage:

  • 120 Day Rate Guarantee 
  • Pre-approvals available 
  • Appraisals paid by the credit union (up to $500) 
  • No fee chequing and savings accounts for everyone

You're not just another number to us. Our members are our owners, we put you first. Mortgage special details: 
  • Applicable for mortgages of $200,000 and more
  •  Applicable for new mortgages to Northern Birch Credit Union
  • Some conditions may apply 

5 Year Variable Closed Mortgage

We'll also cover your appraisal costs up to $500*

 5 Year Fixed High-Ratio Mortgage 

We'll also cover your appraisal costs up to $500*

5 Year Fixed Mortgage

We'll also cover your appraisal costs up to $500*

*Some conditions may apply.  All rates are based on approved credit. Talk to us for more information.


Thank you for all of your help throughout the mortgage process! Everyone including the lawyer and our real estate agent were incredibly impressed with NBCU and the great service that you provided. For us personally, you were all amazing! This has been our first time going through this and you made sure that we knew exactly what we had to do and when.

Markus P., Toronto

Find the perfect mortgage for your perfect home

We'll help you finance your dream home with our great mortgage rates and expert advice at every stage of your homebuying journey.

First-Time Borrower Mortgage


We have special offers for First-Time Borrowers with Northern Birch. Perfect for buying your first home. 

Key Features
  • Special rates available with 120 day rate guarantee 
  • Pre-approvals available
  • Fixed or variable rates 
  • No minimum square footage requirements 
  • Conventional mortgages available up to 75% and high ratio insured available up to 95%
  • Home-Buyers' Plans qualify

Residential Mortgage


Offering you various options to fit your home-buying needs.

Key Features
  • 1st and 2nd mortgages
  • Open or closed term mortgages
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Pre-approvals available 
  • Optional mortgage insurance
  • Conventional mortgages available up to 75% and high ratio insured available up to 95%
  • For owner-occupied properties

Simple-Interest Mortgage


Pay down your mortage faster with our Simple-Interest Mortgages.

Key Features
  • Fixed monthly payments of principal allowing for a faster repayment of principal over the life of the mortgage
  • Monthly payments typically go down each month as interest costs decrease
  • Achieve savings up to 30% of total interest costs over the life of your mortgage

Recreational / Investment Property Mortgage


Perfect for cottage or rental properties.

Key Features
  • Pre-approvals up to 75% 
  • Includes properties that are not on municipal services
  • Cottages, 2nd homes, rental properties and more
  • For properties up to 4 units

Mortgages available for properties in Ontario only. 

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Enjoy the benefits of a Northern Birch Mortgage

  • Great rate, guaranteed for 120 days.
  • High-ratio insured mortgages available up to 95% through CMHC or Sagen Insured Mortgage qualification
  • Appraisals paid by the credit union for transfers and purchases of owner occupied properties.
  • Personalized support – Our team of mortgage experts will make sure you have tailored advice and a plan for every step of the process.
  • Various terms available, with variable to fixed rates.
  • Pay down your principle faster with our simple interest mortgages.

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