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Credit Cards


​Get the credit card you need for the life you lead


Credit cards are available to residents of Canada only
Must be an active member (for a min. of 3 months) of Northern Birch Credit Union to apply for a credit card 

The Story Behind the Design

Sleek and modern, the deconstructed maple leaf design brings the natural simplicity and modern luxory of our nation together. 

Made using the very latest technology and materials, the card features include: 

- High-quality, long-lasting plastic
- Pre-printed design with Durable Ultra Graphics (DUG) overprint technology 
- Select cards have enhanced features such as printed on reclaimed ocean plastic and notched edging for enhanced visual accessibility 

The complete suite is designed with you in mind. High-quality, stylish and durable, each product supports the lifestyle of our members.

Introducing CardWise

Manage your credit cards with security and ease

Cash Back Mastercard 

Earn extra money on the purchases you already make with the Cash Back Mastercard. With no annual fee, it's an easy way to put extra dollars back into your account.

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World Mastercard

Be rewarded with unique benefits, exceptional service and travel coverage, wherever you go. This is the perfect card for those who travel often and want to reap the rewards. 

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US Dollar Mastercard 

Frequent the United States? If you shop online with a US company or travel there often, this card has no foreign transaction fees for US purchases, making it the perfect card for you.

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Classic Mastercard

The card that keeps everything easy: no annual fee, a low interest rate, and Mobile Device Insurance. Simple, easy and smart. 

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Centra Gold Mastercard

A perfect balance of premium rewards and a low interest rate. Collect valuable reward points on your everyday purchases without breaking the bank with a high interest rate. 

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New - Cash Back World Elite Mastercard

Get more from your card, whether you're at home or away with World Elite Exclusive Benefits. Earning rewards is as simple and flexible as redeeming them. 

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Learn more about our suite of Northern Birch Collabria Mastercards

*Valid for Canadian residents only


Need a credit card for your business?

We've got that covered too!