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Send and receive money quickly & easily

Introducing 5 FREE Interac e-Transfers®

Interac e-Transfers®

Interac e-Transfer® is an easy, convenient and secure way to send and receive money in Canada. All you need is access to online banking, and you can send money to anyone with an email address. It's a great, quick alternative to cheques and cash. 

Receiving an e-Transfer: FREE
Sending an e-Transfer: 5 Free per Month* and then $1.00 per transfer thereafter.
Requesting Money: $1.00

The first time you send or receive an Interac e-Transfer®, you will be prompted to set up a profile consisting of your name and email address. This is the information that will be used by Interac to complete your e-Transfers. At any time, you can update this information by simply clicking "Edit Sender Profile".

*We have recently made a change: Please note that after you click "Confirm", the e-Transfer amount and a $1.00 service charge will be withdrawn from your account. Not to worry though, the service fees charged on your first 5 e-Transfers will be credited back to your account at the end of each month. 


Send 5 FREE Interac e-Transfers® every month!

Available for our personal and business members, you can send 5 free Interac e-Transfers® a month from your eligible chequing account. 

How does it work?

Each e-Transfer will be charged a $1.00 fee at time of sending.
Up to five e-Transfer fees will be credited back to you at the end of the month.

Start sending today through online banking or with our Northern Birch mobile banking app - search for it in your app store today!


Send money Canada-wide 

Through a few quick and secure steps, you can send funds to anyone within Canada by using our online banking or mobile app. 

Set up your profile, add a recipient, and start sending!



Arrange for money to be automatically deposited into your account without having to answer a security question.

You'll be notified once it's been transferred in - an easy way to get money into your pocket! 

Request Money

This convenient way to collect money, makes it easy for people to pay you and for you to collect anything that is owed. 

The recipient is notified of your request through email and they can quickly send you money through their own financial institution.


Learn more

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions about Interac e-Transfers, or call us in-branch for assitance.

1. When you receive an INTERAC e-Transfer email from someone, you can deposit the funds by clicking on the link in the email.
2. Choose "at a credit union:" and select "Ontario" and then choose "Northern Birch Credit Union".
3. Click on “Deposit”, and sign in with your Online Banking credentials.
4. Answer the security question provided by the sender (if you don’t know it, contact the sender).
5. Select the account to deposit your money into (if you do not see an account, please call us)
​6. Before you complete the deposit, you can add a message for the sender.

1. Sign in to Online Banking and click on "eTransfers"
2. Enter the amount of money you want to send and the account to withdraw from (if you do not see an account, please call us)
3. Select the recipient from your recipients list (or add a new recipient)
4. You can enter a short message for the recipient. This message should not contain the answer to the security question.
5. Click "Continue" to complete the transaction
​6. The recipient will receive an email notification within 30 minutes


When sending: 

- Minimum transaction $5.00
- Maximum per transfer sending limit $3,000
- Daily rolling* sending limit $3,000
- Cumulative maximum 7 days rolling sending limit $10,000
- Cumulative maximum 30 day rolling sending limit $20,000

When receiving:

- Maximum per transfer incoming limit $25,000

*Rolling limits are calculated by day and time the INTERAC e-Transfer is sent. Example: If the first transaction is sent at 11:30 am, "day" is calculated on the 24 hour rolling period which will end at 11:29 am the next day.

Cancelled or rejected INTERAC e-Transfers count towards sending / receiving limit totals. 

Go into Online Banking and click “eTransfers”. The first time you send an INTERAC® e-Transfer, you will be prompted to set up a profile consisting of your name and email address. This is the information that will be used by INTERAC® to complete your e-Transfers. At any time, you can update this information by simply clicking on Edit Sender Profile.

Once you have set up your profile and you are ready to send funds to someone, simply click on the "Add New Recipient" link below the "Transfer To" dropdown on the "Send INTERAC® e-Transfer" page, and enter the required information. You can delete this recipient at any time, or have easy access to them through the dropdown list for future payments.

An email will be sent to the recipient within 30 minutes after the sender requests the e-Transfer. The notification will contain a link – the recipient just follows the instructions to pick up the funds.

You can cancel your transfer after the notification has been sent to the recipient up until the time they accept it. Just click on the Cancel link located beside the Pending INTERAC® e-Transfers page. Please note that the initial sending fee will not be refunded.

If the recipient has not picked up their transfer, you can resend the notice by clicking Resend Notice beside the transfer status on the Pending INTERAC® e-Transfers page. If the transfer has not been picked up by the recipient 30 days after the date sent, the transaction will expire and a notification will be sent to the sender. The sender then has 30 days to cancel the transaction to reclaim their funds (minus the service charge) by clicking Cancel beside the transfer status on the Pending INTERAC® e-Transfers page. If the sender does not cancel the transaction by this time INTERAC® will do so and the funds will be returned to the sender (minus the initial service charge) within seven days. 

Autodeposit Information

Autodeposit is a feature within the Interac e-Transfer service that enables users to save time when accepting an Interac e-Transfer. 

It is enabled by registering your email address with Interac, and allows you to receive funds directly into an assigned account without the need to select your FI or answer a security question.

When sending an Interac e-Transfer, the sender is made aware in online banking that you are registered for Autodeposit.

Yes. Autodeposit has the same security as is standard with the Interac e-Transfer service. Interac e-Transfer is one of the safest digital money transfer services in the world. 

When you send or request money using Interac e-Transfer, the money is transferred through the established and secure banking procedures that financial institutions have used for years to settle cheques, ATM deposits and withdrawals.

Money never travels by email or text - these are simply used to notify you that money was sent or requested, as well as provide instructions to deposit.

To access this feature, log into online banking then:   

1. Go to Transfers in the left hand menu and find Send Interac e-Transfer   

2. Under the header Send Interac e-Transfer, click on the link Autodeposit    

3. Complete the Autodeposit registration by providing your email address and selecting the account you’d like funds deposited to when you receive e-Transfers sent to that email address

If you set-up your profile with both your email and cell number you will receive a notification by email or text every time you receive funds through the Autodeposit feature, letting you know that money has been deposited into your account.

The notification will also include the details associated with the transfer, who it was from, and any messages from the sender.

Transfers can only be cancelled if they haven’t already been deposited. Login to online banking and locate the transfer in the Interac e-Transfer Pending Transfers.

If the transfer does not have a “cancel” link beside it, then the deposit has been completed and can no longer be cancelled. If it does have a “cancel” link beside it, you can proceed to cancel the transfer.

You can change an existing Autodeposit in online banking by going to the Autodeposit screen to view all current the Autodeposits.

Next to an existing Autodeposit you will see 2 icons – a pen and a trash can.   Select the pen icon to edit an Autodeposit and the trash can icon to delete.

Request Money Information

Request Money is a feature within the Interac e-Transfer service that allows you to request money via online banking.Money can be requested by sending an email or text message to any individual or business in Canada.

When the request is fulfilled, you will receive a notification once the funds are deposited into the selected account.

To access this feature, log in to online banking and:

1. In the left hand menu, click on Transfers

2. Select “Request Interac e-Transfer”

3. Then follow the instructions to complete the form to request funds 

If you send an Interac e-Transfer, you are charged immediately upon sending it.  If you cancel the transaction while it is pending or the recipient declines it, you will not be refunded the fee.

If you cancel a pending Request Money e-Transfer, you will not be charged the fee.

The service fee for sending an Interac e-Transfer® Request for Money is $1.00. 

Only respond to Interac notifications from senders who you know. Interac provides the legal name of the individual or business that is sending the request to assist in identifying fraudulent e-Transfer requests.

If you weren't expecting that particular Requestor to request funds from you, contact your branch or report it as spam.

You can report spam to

Yes, there are limits related to the Request Money feature. These incoming limits are rolling* limits and are the same as the e-Transfer limits which you can find above. 

Yes, you can cancel a Request Money that you have initiated by logging into your online account and clicking on the Pending link.

If the money request is listed here, you will have two options listed on the right: Resend Notice which allows you to trigger a notification to the recipient and Cancel which allows you to cancel the transfer. If the transfer has been completed, it will not appear in the Pending link and can no longer be cancelled.  

You cannot edit a pending transfer. You must cancel it and then re-create it.

Yes, outstanding requests have automated reminder notifications that are sent to your contact. You also have the ability to manually re-notify the contact, as reminder. 

Once the request for money has been fulfilled, you will receive a notification that the funds are available in your account.

If you send a Request Money notification to someone whose FI does not have the Request Money feature implemented, that person will not be able to accept the request. 

They will have to decline the request.  They can then follow up by sending you an e-Transfer in the amount that you had requested. 

Yes, you are able to opt out of receiving requests from a particular requestor, or the service completely, by selecting the opt-out option on the request notification email.


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To take advantage of Interac e-Transfers, you will need to have online banking access. Call us if you need to get set-up!


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