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Self-Serve Password Reset

Once you have set up 2-Step Verification on your Northern Birch online banking or mobile app account, you will be able to update your online banking password yourself, at any time.


Once you have set up 2-Step Verification, follow these simple steps to reset your online banking password:

Step 1:
Click “Forgot Password?” under the login button on the online banking login page.

Step 2:
Enter your Northern Birch member card number used to login to online banking and the last 3 digits of
your SIN. After the information is entered, press “CONTINUE”.

Step 3:
You will then be asked to verify it is you through 2-Step Verification. You will be asked if you
would like to receive your authentication code by text or email if you haven’t already set this preference
up. Then click “CONTINUE”.

Step 4:
On the next page, you will input the code that you have been texted or e-mailed and click
“CONTINUE”. Ensure you use the code within 10 minutes or it will expire.

Step 5:
You will be directed to a page where you select a new password. Type your new online banking
password on both lines and then select “CONTINUE”.

Note: Your new Password must be a “strong” one with 9– 30 characters, using both upper and lower
cases, numeric characters and at least one special character (@ # $ - | ! ONLY).

Step 6:
You will then be re-directed to the following “success” confirmation page that your new
password has been accepted. It is now time to login to online banking with your new password. Click
“GO TO LOGIN” button to do your banking.

Self-Serve Password Reset Q&A

Self-Serve Password reset is a digital banking feature which allows you to reset your password whenever you need to on your own.
You will receive an error message on the Please Verify Yourself screen. Please be sure to enroll in 2-Step Verification first before trying to reset your password.
Using Self-Serve Password Reset is easy. You will need your member card number (the same one you use to log into online banking) and the last 3-digits of your SIN. You will also need to have your mobile phone or email address that you use for 2-Step Verification close by, as you will need to receive and enter a verification code to confirm your identity.
If an incorrect verification code is entered three times in a row during a password reset, you will be locked out and must then contact Northern Birch member services.

If an incorrect password is entered three times in a row, you will be locked out from the account.

If that happens, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature to create a new password. However, if you wish to use the same password, then you will have to contact Northern Birch to have the account unlocked.

There are a couple of reasons why you may have received an error message. First, in order to use Self-Serve Password Reset, you will need to be registered for 2-Step Verification. This feature is part of the way that we confirm your identity during the Self-Serve Password Reset process. 

If you are registered for 2-Step Verification and are receiving an error message, we recommend contacting your branch as some of your details on file may need to be updated before you’re able to access the self-serve options.

Self-Serve Password Reset is very safe and uses secure information along with 2-Step Verification as an added layer of security.
Of course! You are always welcome to contact us for additional help resetting your password.