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Our new banking system is here!


Our new banking system went live on April 19th!

We are excited to announce that we will be moving to a new banking system this spring. This state-of-the-art banking system is the choice of most credit unions in Canada, and will make your banking experience easier and more secure. This new system will give us the opportunity to improve the way we interact with our members and will make it easier for us to introduce new and updated products and services. 


A safer and more secure environment with up-to-date technology.


Used by most credit unions in Canada.

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Gives us the opportunity to bring you more and better products and services.


Our team will have more time to spend helping members, and be less focused on administrative tasks.

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The future is brighter with more capabilities.


​Not only will this new system allow us to introduce new and improved products and services, but it will give our staff more time to focus on you, our members. This modernized system will also allow us to better adapt to future growth and changes in the banking industry. 

Anita Saar, President & CEO

​Online Banking Users

If you are an online banking user, the way you login to online banking will be changing.

Haven't logged in yet since our switch? You will need to give us a call in-branch today to get access to your online banking. The temporary password that was sent to you in the mail has now expired. Please give us a call and our team will assist you today!

Click here to read more about logging in for the first time after conversion.


Need your account history?

Account history will not be moving over to the new system. You will no longer be able to see transactions that occurred before April 16th, 2021.  Your closing balance as of April 16th, 2021 will become your opening balance as of April 19th, 2021. Didn't get a chance to download your account history? Reach out to us in branch, to request a copy of your account history. 


Re-Registering for Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit

If you were previously registered for autodeposit prior to our conversion weekend, you must re-register to continue to receive your incoming Interac e-Transfers. For those previously registered, if you do not re-register for autodeposit and an Interac e-Transfer is sent to you, the funds will be rejected and sent back to the sender. You will receive an email advising you to reach out to your financial institution. 

What should you do? Log into online banking and complete your autodeposit registration. Don't forget to verify your registration with the confirmation email sent to you by Interac. Autodeposit can be found in online banking under the Transfers and Send Interac e-Transfer section. Once your registration is confirmed, the sender will need to re-send the Interac e-Transfer. You will then be able to receive any future e-transfers as well. 

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Watch our video tutorial on logging in for the first time and read more about any changes impacting you.

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There will be changes to how some businesses access their accounts online. Check and see if this applies to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to add questions and more detailed information as our conversion date approaches. 

A banking system is the internal software that we use to manage your information and daily transactions. We are upgrading to an entirely different system with new and better features that will support us as we grow. Staff will find the system easier to use and more efficient, and our members will benefit from new and in-demand products and services. 

Although our current systems are secure and continue to work, this new state-of-the-art banking system will allow us to adapt and change to meet the needs of banking in the future. 

There are many things that will remain the same after our banking system upgrade. Amoung them: 

Bill payees - Your list of bill vendors will come over to the new system and will continue to be visible online or on your mobile app. You won't need to re-enter your bill payee information. 

Debit Card PIN - You can continue to use your debit card as you do today and the personal identificaion number (PIN) will remain the same. 

Cheques - Members that have personal or business cheques can continue to use these until their supply is finished. No need to reorder new ones as a result of the upgrade. 

No, your ATM card and cheques will continue to work as they do today. 

You can expect to have no changes to your direct deposits and withdrawals. All automatic payments and direct deposits will continue to go through your accounts like they do today. 

The look and feel of your online banking experience will be the same, but there will be a few noteable differences in how your accounts show up. Your full account numbers will now appear, and the way your accounts are sorted will be different. We will soon be providing our members with screenshots and more information. Stay tuned for more! 

Yes. As always, your security is our top priority. We are taking the proper steps to ensure your personal and account data will transfer to the new system correctly. If we find that any of your personal information is incomplete, a staff member may reach out to you to update your information. 

We want to make sure you are informed and in the know. We will have information provided to our members through various channels including online, in our paper statements, through online banking, through the mail, in our branches, through our e-newsletter and more. We encourage you to sign-up for our e-newsletter to make sure you are first to know about any changes or actions you may need to take. 


Extended Phone Support Hours

We are here to help you through the change. See our temporary hours & additional support option.

Online Banking Technical Support Line 
Available 24/7 
Starting Monday, April 19th - in English Only


Temporary Extended Call Hours In-Branch 
Weekdays from Monday, April 19th - Friday, April 30th
at our Estonian House & Latvian Centre Branches

10 am - 8 pm 


We will keep you informed. 

We will be sharing information with you through various channels. This page will continue to be updated with important information and FAQ. 


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Call or email us today. We are here for you.