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Making the move to Northern Birch accounts

This page has all he information you need to make the move over to Northern Birch simple & straightforward

Why make the move? 

Continue to benefit from no fee accounts
plus get access to a wide range of new products and services, including:

- Term Deposits,
- Registered Investments such as TFSAs & RRSPs,
- Complete online & mobile banking,
- Credit Cards,
- A full suite of lending products,
- Affordable transfers to Latvia,
- No fee business accounts,
​​and much more! 

Getting started

First, download the appropriate account documents below and fill them out. 

Then, contact our Latvian Centre Branch by phone or email. Our team will walk you through next steps and help organize everything you need. 

Are you a business or organization account owner? Please contact us in-branch.


Account Forms

Each person will need to complete this form. If you are opening a joint account, you will need this form in addition to the Joint Account Form.

Joint Account Form

If you are opening a joint account, you will also need to complete this form. *The second page is only applicable for those opening a joint account with someone other than their spouse.*

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Learn more about ClickSWITCH - our new tool that helps you move all automatic deposits & payments over to your Northern Birch Credit Union account quickly and easily online. 

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More Information and Frequently Asked Questions

​Do I have to make any changes to my existing account? Will my account number change? 

During the upcoming months, all members will be asked to update their account information and switch to our new banking system. We encourage everyone to make this change now to enjoy early access to our new products and services! Call your branch to clarify the details and we will help you arrange the process remotely. In some circumstances, you will be able to keep the account number used at the Latvian Credit Union; it will be slightly adjusted to reflect the new system requirements. Please ask us for more information.

​Will any of my existing services change?

You will continue to enjoy access to no fee account options, with no minimum balance and no transaction limits. In addition, you will get access to a wider selection of products, including registered investments, credit cards, student loans, term deposits, and more. Our improved digital services provide convenient access to online banking and a mobile banking app, which lets you deposit cheques remotely, send or receive Interac e-Transfers, pay bills and more - giving you access to your account from anywhere, any time. 

​Why am I asked to provide additional personal information, if I have already done it when first opening the account?

We put our members’ financial needs and security first. Like other credit unions, we are required to meet strict standards set for financial institutions, and we work diligently with public agencies to ensure they are met. As part of these standards and safety measures, Canadian financial institutions are required to collect and report certain member related information. To ensure it is up to date and meets the latest requirements, we ask you to thoroughly review and provide the necessary personal information. This will help us to continue providing the high level of service our members expect. 

​Can I still use my Latvian Credit Union debit card?

Once you switch accounts to the new banking system, you will receive a new temporary debit card. This card gives you access to the 2nd largest surcharge-free ATM network in Canada (The Exchange Network), including the ability to deposit cheques! Please note, you will be charged an ATM fee if you use a machine not on The Exchange Network. These cards also give you access to your money worldwide, including in the United States and Internationally. We are still in the process of receiving new Northern Birch Credit Union debit cards. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed this process.  Once our new Northern Birch cards are in hand, we will contact you to make arrangements to replace the temporary debit card with the new one.

​Does the Northern Birch debit card work outside Canada?

Yes, it does. You can withdraw money surcharge-free at any Cirrus/Maestro ATM while travelling internationally. Just look for the symbol on the back of your card. 

​Do I have to switch to the new system to use the mobile banking app?

Yes. The Northern Birch Credit Union mobile banking app is available for both Apple and Android devices, but you have to make sure your account is switched to the new system first to be able to take advantage of the app. The mobile app allows you to deposit cheques remotely, easily find the nearest ATM, send and receive Interac e-Transfers, and complete all other daily banking transactions. 

​Are there any changes to sending money to Latvia?

We continue to offer quick, low-fee money transfers to Latvia. Please contact our staff members or visit any of the branches to obtain the necessary forms. Please note that you must be a member of the Northern Birch Credit Union in order to use this service.

​Will my pension, electronic bill payments, and other automated payments be transferred to the new system automatically?

No, you will have to ensure the automated payments are properly set up in the new system. We will give you all the information needed, to help make the process as smooth as possible. Once you are in the new banking system, you can use the new online banking to enroll in eligible CRA direct deposits, effectively moving payments like income tax refunds or child benefits to your new account.  

​Are there any changes to the Toronto Latvian Centre branch and Hamilton branch hours and access?

Our branch locations and hours remain the same. In addition to Hamilton and Toronto Latvian Cultural Centre, you can also visit the Toronto Estonian House branch located at 958 Broadview Ave. In order to do your banking at the Estonian House branch, you must have an account opened on the new banking system. This branch is also available to help you convert your accounts.  Please call to start this process from home.

Please note, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all branch hours have been reduced. Please visit our website for detailed information or give us a call.

​Can I continue to use my old Latvian Credit Union cheq­­ues? 

No, you will need to order new cheques to match your new account information. This first order of cheques is free to you and will be delivered straight to your home! Talk to our Member Service team to place an order. 

Will I continue to receive monthly account statements by mail?

If you wish to receive monthly printed statements by mail, there will be a charge of $1.25 per month taken from your account. You can check your balance and account history at any time using online banking. Cheque images are visible in online banking for up to 3 months. 

Does the change affect my personal loans, credit lines, or mortgages? 

Please contact our lending team directly if you have any questions about the status of your loan or other lending products. You may need to provide the updated account information to, for example, your mortgage insurance provider.  

​What happens if I don’t make the necessary changes to switch the account to the new banking system?

During the upcoming months, all members will be required to switch to our new banking system. To make this process as smooth as possible and to take advantage of our full suite of products and services, we encourage you to make this change now by contacting us directly. We are here to help.

​How do I start the process of moving over? 

We are happy to help you start the process remotely, or if you would prefer to meet with us in person, we recommend scheduling an appointment. 

To start the process remotely, you can reach out to our Latvian Centre Branch staff at 416-922-2551. To schedule an appointment, please also connect with our Latvian Centre Branch. 

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